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Memorial Day is always great for firing up the grill and getting out on the water, but there’s much more to the holiday than warm-weather fun.

And Friday, one World War II veteran reminded us of the true meaning behind Memorial Day.

In 1916, what’s not Wrigley Field opened in Chicago, Coca-Cola introduced its current formula to the market, and William Hughes was born.

In his 100 years, Hughes has lived through 18 U.S. presidents and has seen his country battle through more than 2 dozen wars, including the one he fought in himself: World War II.

“When they burned Pearl Harbor, I was in the service about a year,” Hughes said.

He devoted five years of his life to the U.S. Army, and was permanently injured in 1944 during a head-on collision while he was in Paris, France.

“The Lord stopped me from dying and gave me some more time,” Hughes said.

These days, Hughes spends much of his time at the McKenzie Court Senior Activity Center, where friends and family honored him just before Memorial Day for his years of service to our country.

Hughes does a lot around the center, but his favorite is playing dominoes. It’s a game he says is a lot like life.

“You never know what you’re going to get,” he said.


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