A Brookwood neighborhood is outraged over the poor quality of their streets.

Now, they want them fixed!

Barbara Askew has lived in the Stone Ridge Subdivision for four years.

She says the ride to her home has become unbearable.

“With me, its like when I drive at night and I’m driving on the opposite side of the road to avoid the Potholes” says Barbara Askew, Stone Ridge Resident.

Potholes and patch jobs can been seen throughout the subdivision.

“When I first moved here they would fix them occassionally but, this is the longest the patch up has gone without any work” says Askew.

The 145 home subdivision was built in five phases.

But, according to the residents, the streets were never complete and never turned over to the Town Of Brookwood.

“The Developer has since gone out of business. The Town Of Brookwood is saying they have no responsibility of the streets. The streets are in terrible disrepair. Potholes and the final layer of asphalt never was installed” says Property Owner, Phillip Kinard.

The question from residents is who’s responsible?

Kinard says he has gone to the Town Council three times to complain about the issue.

“It kind of gets pushed back and put on the back burner and its time for something to be been done because there are vehicles that are being damaged with the potholes in the streets” says Kinard.

Residents fear their Property value is going down due to the deteriorating streets.

“Its hard to get people to ride and take a Realtor to the neighborhood and show homes. If they are having to dodge potholes, that’s not a good selling point for the potential buyer” says Kinard.

Residents will be at Tuesday’s Town Hall Meeting and bring their concerns to the Council for the fourth time.

The Town Hall Meeting starts at 6 P.M.

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