Some Greene County leaders: ‘Don’t Ban Bingo’

Eutaw City officials gathered together last month in support of charity bingo in Greene County. According to Alabama Amendment 743, charity bingo requires the game to be operated by and for a nonprofit organization.

Dont Ban Bingo is a campaign encouraging Alabamians to tell the state legislature they support bingo as Alabama continues shutting down bingo providers around the state.

Many community leaders, including Eutaw Chief of Police Tommy Johnson, signed a petition in favor of electronic bingo.

“If we lose bingo we are going to lose a lot of jobs and a lot of funding is going to be cut, so it’s important that we keep bingo here in Greene County,” said Johnson.

Some residents of Eutaw stated they are in support of stronger rules governing electronic bingo, but don’t want it gone.

“I think it would be disastrous for the county and the town cause they give such great contributions to our economy. They support all government functions, plus the hospital, the fire department, the ambulance services, entities like that,” said Greene County resident Delphine McKenzie.

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