Local agency gear up to help community battle frigid temps


Temperatures in West Alabama are drastically dropping this week leaving many people in need of shelter or items that can keep them warm. Temporary Emergency Services is located in Tuscaloosa. The nonprofit agency is one among many that are giving a helping hand to those in need.

Temporary Emergency Services is collecting items that can help people stay warm this winter. The agency’s Dr. Karen Thompson-Jackson said they need: heaters, blankets, scarves, and water.

“People may think, why water? Because it keeps you hydrated. Protein drinks, peanut butter, anything like that is a great item to give to someone who is cold, socks, etc. Just think about yourself. What keeps you warm? Those are the items we’re always in need of,” said Thompson-Jackson.

Temporary Emergency Services will be open through Christmas Eve. It is located at 1705 15th Street, Tuscaloosa.  You can also call them at 205-758-5535.




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