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Tuscaloosa City Finance Committee members voted Tuesday to table a potential replacement and upgrade to the sanitary sewer line on University Boulevard in Tuscaloosa.

City leaders said they’re still monitoring the sewage flow, and said there’s a section of a pipe on University Boulevard that is smaller than the rest. That portion needs replacing.

Officials said the sewer system cannot support all the new apartment buildings going up around University Boulevard at Red Drew Avenue, Bryant Drive at Queen City Avenue and Pine Hurst just north of University Boulevard.

The city has placed floor monitors in the sewer system to monitor sewage flow for this weekend’s Alabama-LSU game.

“When you design a peak flow, it means the most flow you going to have. I imagine in the university campus area, we’ll have the most number of people” said Tera Tubbs, with the city Of Tuscaloosa.

The monitors have been in the sewer system for about three weeks.

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