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As the USA Collegiate Club National Triathlon Championships made its way back to Tuscaloosa over the weekend, one man shows it’s never too late to accomplish your goals.

That’s exactly what Dallas-based lawyer Jeff Dorrill did while working toward his online master’s degree from the University of Alabama.

“This is a big accomplishment to compete against college kids,” Dorrill said.

But Dorrill isn’t your typical college athlete. At 55, Dorrill is the second-oldest person to ever compete in the USA Collegiate Club Triathlon National Championships.

Since Dorrill is a part-time online student, he wasn’t sure if he could join the UA Triathlete Club team. But after speaking with Club Vice President Jessica Lambert, he learned there was no full-time student or age limit to join.

There was only one requirement: Perform in one other event for the university. Dorrill did that at the Rocketman Triathlon in Huntsville last fall.

“One of the most awesome elements of this is competing with these young kids, there fantastic and they were so kind to me, cheering for me, and you know the camaraderie among them. To be able to represent the University of Alabama, a school I’m so proud of, it’s an absolute blast,” he said.

Dorrill is no stranger to triathlons — he’s got 80 under his belt in the past decade.

And 12 to 16 hours a week is all it takes Dorrill to train for the mile-long swim, 24-mile bike and 6-mile run.

“It’s a big time commitment, but i never miss a day,” he said.

Dorrill finished at 2 hours and 33 minutes for the National Championships.

“I did the Boston marathon six days ago, so my body hasn’t fully recovered from that, but I was still really happy with my time,” Dorrill said.

And at 55, age is nothing but a number.

“I think life’s all about accomplishments,” he said. “I really believe that the most important thing is what you do for your family and the things you accomplish.”

Dorrill is studying Human Environmental Sciences, and said he hopes to make it back to Tuscaloosa to cheer on the Crimson Tide football team this fall.

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