Lee County Tornado

Originally reported by WSFA 12 Reporter Jordyn Elston

It’s been almost five months since tornadoes ripped through parts of Lee County killing 23 people and injuring dozens of others.

“It’s coming along and people are slowly but surely recovering from the tragedies back on March 3,” Jay Jones, Lee County Sherrif said.

There are still several empty lots, but in some places residents can begin to see new houses that are starting to come into the area. All signs point toward people are rebuilding and moving back to the Lee County area.

“It’s coming along, I think is the best way to put it,” Jones said. “There’s still a ways to go and there will be, it’s not something that happens overnight as everyone understands. I’ve said it before, the people in Beauregard are very resilient. They’re very determined people and the key is that they are very very good about helping one another.”

The recovery process is long and ongoing but Beauregard residents say that things are starting to get better.

“It wasn’t too bad once I got started and I had quite a bit of help,” Adolph Smith, Beauregard resident said. “It’s been okay, I just lost a lot of my neighbors. Most people that are coming back are coming back and moving in. It just looks like.”


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