Tuscaloosa Airport

Tuscaloosa’s Department for Infrastructure and Public Services requested funds from the Tuscaloosa City Council for a Tuscaloosa National Airport makeover.

The department is asking for $40,000. Half of that will be used for rebranding and promoting the airport, and the other half will be used to conduct a study for interested commercial carriers regarding the Tuscaloosa market.

Department Director Tera Tubbs said she wants the focus on creating a new logo to reflect the airport’s new name.

“We have our name, everything that we have our name on at the airport is ‘Tuscaloosa Regional Airport,’ but it’s actually ‘national airport,” she said. “So, what does that look like? What does that logo look like? Going through, how do we get the word out, and also help us in our efforts to recruit commercial service.”

The department is meeting with the Tuscaloosa City Council again next week.

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