A heated Tuscaloosa City Projects Committee meeting.

District 7, Tuscaloosa City Councilwoman Sonya Mckinstry voiced her concerns to the committee about the way funds are being spent with the City.

It started just moments before the Committee was set to approve about $9,300 for Christmas Decorations at the new Alberta Park.

Mckinstry feels could have been better spent.

“When we create the entire budget, there are different things we want to fund that we can’t fund or we don’t fund at that particular time. So,when things come in unexpectedly and under budget, I think we need to priorities the needs that we have” says District 7, Tuscaloosa City Councilwoman Sonya Mckinstry.

District 5, Tuscaloosa City Councilman Kip Tyner feels like he did nothing wrong, because, he put in the effort to find the funds to decorate the park.

“Its their job to bring proposals to the Council and that’s what I did. I been working on this for quite some time and we thought it was in the original budget for Christmas Decorations for all Municipal Buildings. However, it wasn’t. So, I had to scramble to find $9,300 and then to get the votes and which I was able to do both” says Tyner.

Mckinstry feels like any extra funds should be used for a new Bus Route in District 7.

It would cost the City just under $188,000.

She says there are people who have to walk down Jug Factory Road to make it to the nearest Bus Stop.

“It was presented in our Budget by the Transportation Department that we create a Downtown Route and a Skyland Route to be able to help these individuals that are walking in the morning in the rain” says Mckinstry.

The Finance Committee will discuss the possible Bus Route in 2 Weeks.

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