The City Of Northport is in it’s best financial shape ever.

Currently, City Leaders are looking to fill the City Administrator position and the position of City Engineer.

The City Administrator’s position has been filled on an interim basis since Scott Collins resigned back in April of 2016.

Both positions combined will cost the city nearly a $400,000 a year.

“Both of the them are very very critical to the growth of this city as we move forward, we certainly wish we were a little further along at this point” says District 3 Northport City Councilman Rodney Sullivan.

The city also approved a one step pay increase for all Northport City Employees.

The raises were apart of the 2017 fiscal year budget.

The was approved at around $38 million.

“It’s important we have one of the best Police and Fire and Public Works in the state. I will put them up against anybody for us to do that in a conservative budget year speaks a for the Council and Mayor” says District 2 Northport City Councilman Jay Logan.

The raises could go into effect the end of March.

The council approved the purchase of 2 Automated Garbage Trucks.

It will cost just over $300,000.

Currently, the city is using Manual Lift Garbage Trucks.

The city will also purchase over 10,000 cans for residents.

The trucks will be delivered in August.

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