20-Degree Rule could save your A/C unit

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Jeremiah Hatcher

Home owners across Tuscaloosa and the state are cranking up their air conditioners as temperatures rise.

While this will cool your house down, running your air conditioning too low can damage your units over time. Knowing the 20-Degree Rule could save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

“Well, units are designed to cool 20 degrees below what the outdoor temperature is. So, on a 96 degree day, you can expect to see probably 76,” said Russell Carr, an a/c technician with Jolly Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

He said he is taking more than eight calls every day to analyze fluctuating temperatures and damage to home air conditioning units.

Dispatcher Angel Wells said not following the 20-Degree Rule could negatively affect your unit’s health.

“Mainly (the calls) we have right now is where the units are struggling to keep up. (A homeowner) may have two units and one is working harder trying to keep up with the other one that’s not working,” she explained.

When units run out of refrigerant, Wells says units can freeze up and fail to cool your home. In these cases, she advises homeowners to turn it off or turn it on fan mode to thaw it back to normal.

Considering the 20-Degree Rule can stave off uncomfortable and costly incidents like those.

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