1956 Magazine Receives Positive Feedback After Launch


By WVUA News Reporter Haley Wilson

TUSCALOOSA, AL- 1956, the first minority student-run magazine, launched Sep. 30 on the University of Alabama’s campus.

Editor-in-Chief Tionna Taite said the magazine received positive feedback from both students and community members.

“We received a lot of positive reactions,” said Taite. “A lot of people were super excited about the launch.”

As of Oct. 7, the digital issue has received over 3,000 views.

To reach a wider audience, 1956 decided ongoing digital versus having a printed issue.

With almost two weeks in the books, the magazine already has upcoming topics for its next publication like educating young voters on how to vote, the different methods to vote, and the importance of voting.

Taite says the magazine allows students to gain experience creating content and express themselves creatively.

Taite adds that anyone who may be interested in writing for the magazine can contact her or a section editor via social media or email.

The next digital issue is expected to launch by the end of October.

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