Cattle Crash

An 18-wheeler wreck stopped traffic for hours and frustrated drivers on Interstate 59 today near the Fosters exit, and the truck’s cargo made things even worse.

One of the trucks in the 5 a.m. crash around the 60 mile-marker near Exit 62 was hauling about 85 cows. Some of those cows escaped after the wreck and began wandering around on the highway, forcing first responders to call in people with experience handling cattle.

“We were having to wrangle the cows that got out when the truck flipped, and I was roping them and getting the piggin string and flipping them just to get them (under control), said cattle wrangler Chase Gran. Piggin string is a short length of rope that can be used to quickly bind a cow’s feet.

“You don’t ever know how far you’ll have to go to find the rest of the (escaped cattle,” said cattle wrangler Larry Dial. “You just have to ride and hunt until you get them all gathered.”

Traffic was diverted onto Exit 62, but several impatient motorists tried escaping the traffic snafu by driving through the median. Several of those escape attempts were thwarted by muddy terrain and required tow trucks to free those vehicles.

“I’ve had to come down the road a long way and it’s just too dangerous to come out here and get (trapped cars) because these people can’t drive and they’re all in a hurry but they leave late,” said B&V Wrecker Service driver Bill Spencer.

The Alabama Department of Transportation helped handle traffic and first responders were still clearing the scene as of Wednesday afternoon. They’re urging any drivers in the area to be cautious.

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