$18 million recreation center could be coming to Fosters

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Tuscaloosa County Commissioners met Wednesday morning and discussed several items, including bringing a new PARA facility to the Fosters and Ralph communities. A representative from PARA gave commissioners details on the new recreation center.

The proposed center will be adjacent to Braughton Park.  The 34,000 square foot facility will include a gym, walking trail, and a pool with water slides.

“The PARA facility will be similar to the other facilities we have. The Tingle facility is similar to the recreation center that is proposed to be built in District 4. It will provide a convenience for the people of Ralph,” said Tuscaloosa County Commissioner for district 4 Reginald Murray.

Over the years commissioners have discussed ways to make sure each district in the county has a PARA facility. Currently, there is a facility in every district except district 4. The total cost is projected to be more than $18 million.


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