Local congregation in mourning after Vestavia Hills shooting

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Dany Tomas

Churchgoers across the nation are in mourning in the wake of a deadly shooting last week during a potlock at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Vestavia Hills. Three people died, and the 70-year-old suspect was arrested and is charged with capital murder.

In Tuscaloosa, Christ Episcopal Church hosted a prayer vigil Friday in honor of the Vestavia congregation. Parishioners said their hearts are heavy for that congregation alongside a new awareness that something similar could happen anywhere.

“When I first heard about it it was gut-wrenching,” said Christ Episcopal Assistant Music Director Laurel Proctor. “Chills went over my body and I thought, ‘oh no, it really makes it close and personal that it can happen here.’ ”

Rev. Paul Pradat emphasized how important it is to send grief counselors and help to church leaders and their flock.

The Tuscaloosa and Vestavia Hills churches belong to the same diocese.

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