Questions abound in wake of officer, inmate’s disappearance

There are a whole lot of questions in the wake of an imprisoned murder suspect’s suspicious disappearance Friday alongside a Lauderdale County corrections officer.

Casey White, who was awaiting trial on a capital murder case, vanished Friday morning alongside Lauderdale County Detention Center Corrections Officer Vicky White. They disappeared the same day Vicky White was scheduled to retire, and she’d recently sold her home in the area.

Authorities said Tuesday that inmates told investigators Casey White had what seemed to be a “special relationship” with Vicky White, who told jail officials Friday morning that Casey White had an appointment outside the jail. Against protocol, Vicky White took him from the jail without a second officer.

While they both have the last name of White, Casey White and Vicky White are not related.

This situation that’s captured the entire nation begs the question: could that happen here?

Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy said it’d be quite the feat, considering the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office’s jail staff has extensive checks and balances for moving and transporting inmates.

These protocols exist to keep situations like this from happening, he said.

“We have two deputies or two transport deputies transporting imamates as they make a move,” Abernathy said. “We do have an accounting procedure for the movement of inmates in and out of the facility. It is a very difficult situation when you are dealing with something of this nature. A lot of it comes back to looking in and staying on top of it and following your protocols.”

Abernathy said it’s crucial that people everywhere keep their eyes out for Casey and Vicky White, because they could be anywhere.

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