10th annual Africana Film Festival kicks off this weekend

By WVUA 23 News Reporter Aajene Robinson

What better way to celebrate Black history month than Tuscaloosa’s Africana Film Festival this weekend?

Bill Foster and Thad Ulzen co-founded the Africana Film Festival 10 years ago.

“We realized there wasn’t really a place for it in the cultural tapestry of Tuscaloosa or the region,” Ulzen said.

Ulzen and Foster describe this year’s film festival as a lot for less, It will feature six films and a couple of short films created by students with their phones.

“We are excited about some of those films, those we call super short films will be featured on the first day of the festival,” Foster said.

If interested in attending the film festival it can be found through the Eventbrite website, so you can watch the movies from anywhere.

“It is partly due to COVID because we are not totally out of the pandemic yet but last year surprisingly that because we went virtual,we actually had a worldwide audience,” Ulzen said. “We realized we had people in England, Canada, all over the world Ghana and Kenya people watching it from all over the world.”

Foster and Ulzen said they continue to host this film festival in the month of February to showcase films that relate to the African experience.

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